Sunday, June 03, 2007


We went to a wedding reception of a family friend last night. Miss K found the dance floor. Another little girl was being swung by her mom and Miss K is one of those "monkey see, monkey do" kind of kids. She she put her arms up for Brian to swing her. The look on her face the first time was pure horror. But when he put her down and she was walking around like she had just downed a pint of whiskey, she was ready to do it again. And again. And again. Get the picture? Oh...and Mommy had to swing too. Then we had to swing the monkey. I was so glad when we left. My arms were starting to hurt!

So, my parents have been living in Qatar since the beginning of the year. They are coming back to the states for a month in July/August. My dad mentioned maybe getting a beach house for a week. I was all for that. Well, my awesome sister in law jumped on it and went in search of the perfect beach house. One of my requirements was a pool. I know...goofy, but I am not a fan of the beach. I would have preferred a private pool, but we were a little late in making reservations. So, we found one that had a "communal" pool. So, it is ALMOST the perfect beach house. But, it is on the beach front and we can walk to the beach by going across this little bridge.I can not wait. I am so excited. I've been emailing my SIL, Jen about all the stuff we need to take/buy/cook/do...all that stuff. My parents LOVE to eat out, but we are going to have anywhere from 10-12 people in the house at all times, so eating out won't be all that fun. Added to the fact that we will have a 2 year old, a 21 month old and a 1 year old with us , might make dining out a lot less fun! I already went in search of a second bathing suit for myself and I am going to Old Navy this week to pick up one for Miss K. And I want to get some cute beach towels. I am going to have to plan carefully since K and I will be flying to Houston ALONE and I have to take luggage with clothes for both of us for two weeks, cloth diapers, car seat, stroller, camera bag...I am sure that there is stuff I am forgetting.
I just can not wait! We have a very busy summer ahead of us. Lots of traveling, but we will get a chance to see so many of our friends and family that we haven't seen in awhile. I am most looking forward to Miss K getting the chance to spend time with her cousins. I grew up living on the same street as one set of my cousins. We played together all the time. I hate that I don't have that for Miss K. I've recently mentioned moving back to Texas to Brian. Even though we would be 4 hours from would be only 4 hours. And to be honest...I miss Texas. Everything about Texas...except the heat.
Okay...gotta run. I've got about 30 baby cards to make and a 2 page layout. Gotta get on that since we are flying to Nashville Wednesday.
blog ya later!


Sherri said...

"I've recently mentioned moving back to Texas to Brian. Even though we would be 4 hours from would be only 4 hours. And to be honest...I miss Texas. Everything about Texas...except the heat."
You did NOT just say that!!!!
Were you just trying to get me to say something???? I can't believe you typed that!
I missed you the last time you were here, are you going to call me this time so we can do lunch??????

annie said...

That beach house looks so inviting!
Sounds like a fun busy summer.
Glad you are doing well!

Jan[n] said...

Ohhh...that beach house does look inviting! Sounds very fun...I assume since you are flying into Houston that you are going down to the Texas coast? Galveston by chance? It all sounds good.
Miss you friend...let us know when you are back in town.

TracieClaiborne said...

Don't you dare move back to TX young lady!!!!
Oh my word.
I'm gonna smack you the next time I see you.
I really am.

I am way jealous over this beach house thing. You are lucky.

Jennifer Fleming said...

i know what you mean about missing TX but I like it here too.
Dont move to TX hollye!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

O.k. I am with everyone..*{Don't Move To Texas}* are moving back to Tennessee..REMEMBER?! the pic of Miss K swinging!!! Have fun at the beach house..we have rented them..and have been right across the street from the beach..FUN..but I am with you..I like my pool!!! Let me know when you get here..I am thinking a bunch of us should get together at DQ or Panera!!!

Renee Graham said...

I'm with Jill about getting together. We could always order out and eat around the pool here! Gotta get some use out of all those bathing suits.

Are you bringing the carseat on the plane? I wish I hadn't, but that's with my kid. Remember, I'm sure there are laundry facilities and who needs more than a swimsuit, shorts and flip flops? Oh and sunscreen. And a baseball hat. And some capri pants. and a sweater for campfire weather. and this lamp. But that's all you need! Just don't forget the MONKEY

doris said...

ooooh . . . that is so so cute! :D