Monday, June 25, 2007

So...we've got this parrot...

And it repeats EVERYTHING you say. Oh my. I've so got to watch my mouth. Twice in the past week, I've screwed something up and I've used the "S" word only to have it repeated right back to me. Oh joy.

Here's a funny Miss K story. Early last week we had gone to McD's for lunch. I was sitting on the sofa reading a book and she walks up and points at my cup and says, "It's a burger". (But sh used this funny Boston accent.) I looked at her like she had grown a second head. I looked at the cup, and sure enough, there was a drawing of a burger on the side of it. I laughed and laughed. So, she said it over and over again all day. Imagine my surprise when we drove past McD's and she says, "It's a burger!" Oh crud. No more McD's for us for awhile!

So, Friday we played this game...I would say a word to her and she would repeat it back to me. I even got her to say her name! I was so excited. She said it twice, but hasn't said it again. Then on Saturday I was chatting with a couple of the Amish girls who work for my mother-in-law and I told them that Kennedy was a mess....meaning she is wild and crazy. And I kid you not, the child shook her head in agreement and said, "a mess!" We all just busted out laughing!

The kitchen that we ordered for her birthday came in last week, so we went ahead and put it together and let her play with it. (This thing is HUGE!) We figured since we are going to be gone a lot this summer, we wanted her to get to play with it as much as she can. She LOVES it. She likes to cook for Mommy and Daddy quite a bit. I have to be careful with her because I've caught her hiding stuff in the cabinets. I gave her a piece of cheese at lunch and several hours later she goes in there and pulls it out to show me. Then right before she went to bed tonight, she came running in with a milk cup...from this morning! She had it hidden in that dang kitchen!

I mentioned that we are going on vacation soon. Brian is off for two weeks starting this Friday. Yeah! So, we are headed up to Wisconsin to stay with some friends for about 4 days. Brian's best friend and his wife. He and Brian use to work together in Arlington. Then we transferred to Nashville. Then they moved to Wisconsin. We have seen them since Christmas 2005, so we are really excited. They have two kiddos. One of them, who just happens to share my birthday, is 6 months older than Miss K, so I know she is going to have a blast. I am just worried about how my child is going to act. The Terrible Twos are in FULL effect. I just know that I am going to be embarrassed by how she acts. Some days she is a complete angel and other days she is possessed! I took this photo of her the other day when we went out for a walk. She stopped to smell the flowers I had potted on the back porch. After she smelled all of them, she had to make sure that Carmen smelled each and every one of them. She was in such a great mood and did great on our walk....then she turned into a lunatic and started stomping around in the landscraping and screaming. Then she started spinning in circles and finally threw herself down on the grass. It was 8am in the morning, so all the morning commuters going to work go to see her in all her glory. All because I wouldn't let her play in the the traffic. I am such a mean mommy.'s late and tomorrow is a day full of things to do to get ready for our 2 week vacation! Oh...after we are done with our visit in Wisconsin, we are headed back to Nashville to work on the house to get ready to move back home. And, we are going to celebrate Miss K's second birhtday while we are there. Fun, fun! ya later!


Sherri said...

oh for crimony's sake!! I had a big ole comment set to post and I was logged in as Doris so when when I changed it, my whole comment is GONE!!
Try again.
LOVE the kitchen! LOVE IT!
I want to play in it even.
Miss K is hilarious with that Carmen! I can just see her making Carmen smell the flowers....remember when we went to lunch and she made me give Carmen drinks from the sippy cup and I think I had to wipe her hands with the wipe too didn't I?
She is too funny.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Fleming said...

So when do you offically move back here? I hope to see you on the play date at the splash pad in July

Renee Graham said...

She is so cute. I had a monkey that I took EVERYWHERE when I was kid. Still have him. I turned out fine....well, maybe there's still hope for Ms K