Monday, April 16, 2007

New words everyday

The past couple of weeks have been big at our house. Miss K seems to learn a new word everyday. Now, she doesn't continually use the word, but it seems she will say it a couple of times and then not use it again for a couple of days. Saturday...all day it was 'baby' and 'puppy'. She has said each of those words before, but like I said, she said them once and then they went away. But when they come back, they come back BIG. Today's new word is APPLE. Let me tell you....this kid LOVES apples. One night Brian was eating a Granny Smith apple. Miss K walked over to him, took it and started eating it. We were shocked because the apple wasn't sliced. It was still on the core and everything. So, a couple of days later she and I were at Panaera having lunch with her gymnastic friends and she grabs the apple off the tray and started biting into it. She ate half of the apple like that! Everyone was laughing because she was going crazy with it. Today I was getting her lunch ready and she went over to the fridge, opened it up and took the apple out and started saying, "apple". She is constantly saying "oh boy!" and "oh gosh". Can I tell you I LOVE this stage. Except...can someone explain to me while my child throws herself on the floor in a tantrum every 10 minutes or so? And we won't even go into her great escape yesterday. She has learned to open the sliding door. She and the dogs made a break for it yesterday. Thankfully my new neighbor Amy saw them all outside. Seriously took 10 years off my life. Remember...I l ive next to a pond.
We are leaving Friday afternoon to head to Nashville. We will be there for a week! So, I hope I get a chance to see a lot of my friends while I am there. I've got a LOT of organizing to do while I am there. I've got to get Miss K's clothes sorted and stored. Right now they are just in a HUGE pile in her room. And I've got BOXES of scrapbook supplies that I need to get rid of. I think I will have one day where I will let people come over and look at stuff and then the rest of it will be DONATED. We are talking 3-5 large moving boxes. I think one box is full of nothing but pattern paper. And my husband helped me box it all up and never said a word about all the stuff I was getting rid of.
Well...I hear my child waking up from her nap. Blog ya later!


Renee Graham said...

I hope we can get Ms. K and Jack together during your trip. All he says is "dat". They would be such a riot together!

Jennifer Fleming said...

Hey Hollye
Are you selling any of her clothes?

TracieClaiborne said...

I'm glad you're coming for a visit!
Let's be sure and get together!

doris said...

she's so cute! :D
hope we have a scrappy lunch date while you're here! :D

Michelle said...

See you next week!