Friday, March 30, 2007

Busy little bee

So, Miss K's personal library keeps growing. I found a bookshelf at Staples for $15. It fit perfect in her closet. So, Brian put it together last night. I decided to go ahead and get it in her closet and the books on it before we left for the weekend. Here is how it looks...

And here is how it looked 1 minute later...

Oh well. I am sure I am going to spend the rest of my life picking up after her.

Anyway...we are off to spend the weekend with my inlaws. This starts the week of our crazy traveling over the next month. We leave Thursday to drive to Nashville for Easter. Brian drives back on Tuesday and Kennedy and I fly back on Friday. Then we head straight to Brian's parents house again for the weekend. Then we are back in our apartment for 4 days and then back to Nashville for another week while Brian is in a workshop. Speaking of Brian and is the last day that the plant in Spring Hill is operating. It will shut down today and they will start the teardown of the equipment to retool the plant for a new product. I have no idea when the plant will reopen. I think it will be at least a year. child is crying. I am sure that she is tired. Doesn't help that she woke up this morning at 4ish. I woke up to her counting...1, 2, 3! She was WIDE awake and ready to play. Mommy. Not so much.

Blog ya later!


Renee Graham said...

If I had to count the number of times I have picked up the plastic tea party stuff today it would be about 80,000 times. Jack LOVES to dump it and it drives me CRAZY to see it just sitting there. Joy.

Had a dream that we went shopping with you at Sam's Club and you totally bought the store out and made fun of my clothes. How strange is that? Guess we'll have to hook up irl so that I can quit dreaming of you!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh that brings back memories! We started out with a bookshelf just like that, in CC's closet, about the same age as K. Now it is packed to the gills and even loaded on the top. I have to threaten to throw her books away if she doesn't keep them clean. The other day we spent 2-3 hours cleaning her room. The bookshelf was a disaster! I don't mind though because you can never have too many books.

Hey - let me know if you have time to hook up while you're here!