Friday, July 14, 2006


Miss K has been saying a word for the past two days and we couldn't figure out what it was. I seriously thought she was saying *hit. Where did she hear that? Then tonight Brian told the dog to sit and she was right next to him saying "SIT"! Thank you Jesus! The word is SIT! I am constantly telling the dogs to sit and now I am constantly telling her sit SIT on her bottom and not stand on her car like she is a stunt woman and to not stand on her rocking dog like she is a trick rider. I thought she wasn't listening, but apparently she was because she can say it...she just won't do it!

She is also cutting two new teeth on top, so she has been waking up every night about midnight crying. She just went back I am off to bed too.


Jennifer Fleming said...

Yes we said sit at that age and i thought it was *hit too!
we have other words too that sound like words i would die if they said... FUN STUFF!

{change in plans} said...

How cute! So glad you figured it out.
How far are you from Indianapolis? There's a chance we are moving there.....

TracieClaiborne said...

Too funny!! I can just see her little mouth saying it. She's such a doll.

Miss you!

Amanda said...

Hilarious! Grayson still will say words that I have to hear a few times before I can figure them out! Sometimes I still won't be able to figure them out.

Hope her toothies feel better soon. That is a rough time in a Mommy's life too.

Hope to see you soon-miss sitting with you in classes.