Monday, June 12, 2006

Less than 1/4th

I didn't get anything done today. I woke up about 3 this morning and couldn't even talk. I felt like I have been smoking 2 packs a day for 20 years when I cough. First thing I did was cancel the book club meeting. Don't want to infect anyone else and they all have tots at home. Went and picked up Miss K's grocery cart. She gets mad at it because it moves when she holds on to it. She yells at it. But she does like playing with the wheels. I am hoping that she starts walking and pushing it around. Came home and made some phone calls. Pressure washer....left a message. Set up quaterly pest control for next week. Termite pre-inspection set up for Thursday. Looked into P.O.D.S. Called Miss K's doctor to tell them her rash is getting worse. Made appointment for Maxie to see Dr. Singleton. So, I didn't really get anything done today. Just made a bunch of phone calls.

Brian is finally going to get some answers about our move to Michigan on Wednesday. So, hopefully we will have some idea of what to expect. General Motors is not moving us. Brian will be on a temp assignment. We have been talking about moving for about 6 months and then this fell into our laps. So, we sell the house and live in corporate housing for 12-18 months in Michigan. Save up some money to put down on a new house when we move back. I think we have decided on the Spring Hill area. That is close to the plant and in Williamson County. to bed. I've got to get everything that I was suppose to do today, done tomorrow plus my list for tomorrow and I haven't even started on that.

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Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

How cute is Miss K's little grocery cart!!!! She will be walking real good soon with it for sure! I hope you feel better real soon. Spring Hill is beautiful! My Aunt & Uncle live in Franklin and both work @ Saturn. They both transferred from Michigan. My grandfather retired from G.M. he will be 80 in August. Great company!(I drive G.M. product)Call me if you need anything O.K. Try to get some rest.