Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy Weekend!

It was suppose to be a SUPER busy weekend, but Brian hurt his shoulder Friday night and I started getting sick Friday night when we went to bed. We did get Miss K's closet redone. I want to get it all organized, but now we have to take everything out of it and patch some holes where the original shelving was and then repaint. So, I am going to hold off on the organization. Trust me...I've got PLENTY of other things to do. Tomorrow I need to do a few things in the dining room. Mend the curtains, clean out the hutch, wipe down the baseboards and clean the window inside and out. I also need to get in touch with a guy about pressure washing our house. I also need to start planning Miss K's birthday party. I can't believe she is almost a year old!

I am really bummed that we are moving. My friend Kennington and I were going to start working on decorating my house. I was so looking forward to painting all these fabulous colors. Well...I will get to paint, but it will be a neutral color. But, I am looking forward to coming back and getting to decorate a new house. I want to paint before we even move in one piece of furniture! That reminds me. I need to call the PODS people and get some information on that too. Oh the list goes on and on! Brian and I have a "Move" notebook that we have been keeping everything in.

Check out this photo of Miss K and Betty Boop. This photo means the world to me. The first thing that came to my mind when I found out I was pregnant was....what am I going to do about Betty Boop? She is a rescue dog and has "issues". Fear aggression. She has really taken to Miss K. They play tug-of-war with every toy they can get their hands on. When Betty Boop is ready to play, she will bring a toy and lay it on Miss K's feet or in her lap. And when they play...Miss K laughs so hard and it makes me laugh when I watch them. I know that it won't always be like this, so I am enjoying now.

Tomorrow is a busy day. On top of all the stuff I have to do on the house, I have to get a prescription filled. (Thank you Dr. Robb for seeing me at your house today!!) I think I am allergic to my wedding ring! I asked the doctor today if he could write me a prescription for a platinum setting so I could give it to my husband! Gotta run and pick up a mini grocery cart I bought for Miss K and then I am hosting the book club meeting at my house. We were suppose to meet last Monday, but everyone had something going on. Good thing because I made a homemade peanut butter pie that is to die for and my dog Maxie ate it! That dog is going to drive me to drink!

Stay tune tomorrow to see if I actually accomplished even a 1/4th of what I said I was going to do!

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