Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've been busy!

I think I got bit by the "busy" bug recently. Monday I dropped Miss K off at school and headed home to clean. The only thing I really got done was a quick trip to Target and cleaning my upstairs hallway carpet. Let me first say...I have 4 animals. Two cats, two dogs. I need to vacuum everyday, but I don't. I need to do my floors everyday, but I don't. So, my first step in cleaning the carpet was to vacuum. I won't admit to how many times I had to empty the cannister. I do think though, that the Hoover is about to bite the dust. I really want a Dyson Animal, but we can not afford to spend $500 on a new vacuum right now. (I started an envelop to save for it. ) Then the steam cleaning. I am glad that we decided to buy that thing instead of renting one the first time we needed on. Best $350 we ever spent. (Bought it 5 years ago when we had money and no child.) Anyway, my mom watched our dogs while we were out of town and let's just say....she didn't watch them closely and didn't clean up. So, did a LOT of spot cleaning and steam cleaning and more vacuuming.... I think we are going to have to get new carpet pretty soon. But remember...no money for new vacuum, so no money for new carpet. Pick Miss K up from school at 1, bring her home and put her straight down for a nap. Then I started cleaning the stairs. My stairs are hardwood and they show everything. So, I took water and Pine o' Pine and wiped down the baseboards and the facing of the stairs. I removed all the scuff marks on the facing with my handy Magic Eraser. (Love those things.) Then I cleaned each step with wood floor cleaner....by hand. All of the chemicals I was using, you would have thought I would have remembered to put my nice yellow gloves on. Nope, I forgot. Anyway, I noticed during all of this...my walls need to be painted. Gross. Ain't gonna happen right now. Anyway, the stairs look so good.

Tuesday was another busy day. We get up and head to Lowe's. On my list...new drawer pulls for Miss K's bathroom and a new rag for my hardwood floor mop. I got the drawer pulls, no rag, 2 mums, potting soil, stakes for my rubber tree and twine. Then a quick stop at the mall for lunch. I was going to buy Miss K some Converse high tops, but she did not like them being up so high on her ankle and kept stomping around the store trying to get it off her foot. We ended up with Dora hair clips instead. That's Miss K's latest obsession...Dora. She calls her Dory though. I only have one video and I can recite it word for word now. We are teaching K to say some of the words in Spanish. My parents (dad and stepmom) thinks that is neat. It's hilarious to hear her yelling "Hola!" Anyway, Miss K goes down for a nap and I get to work outside this time! Clean the front porch off, pot the mums, sweep up the HUGE mess I made, pull up some funky tomato looking plants that are growing in my beds, dig in the garage until I FINALLY kind my pumpkin door mat. (K calls it a punkin.) 2:15, drag K out of bed with a promise of seeing her friend "L", get dressed and head to the pumpkin patch. Awesome place. I was very impressed. So impressed that we are going back again this week with some more friends and then probably again on Saturday morning so Daddy can enjoy it too.
Wednesday will be busy too, I just haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I know that I need to drop off a donation to Goodwill, go by the bank, wrap some gifts, get packages ready to mail and run to the post office. Okay...it's late and I need to get to bed. Miss K has school tomorrow, so I have to get up in the morning and get her stuff ready. I love Mother's Day Out!


Michelle said...

Hey which pumpkin patch are you talking about?

TracieClaiborne said...

Wow - you go girl!
I wish I could get some of that energy!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Yea me too:)

doris said...

heeeeeeee . . . so cute! love that bathing suit shot! :D